Monday, April 4, 2016

Thrive: Quarter 1 Update

Photo by:@BethanyLigon (April 2016)
Can you believe that one quarter of 2016 is already done and over with? It's amazing how quickly time flies. I thought that I would reflect on the first quarter of the year with my #oneword2016: THRIVE. But before you read on, if you didn't read my initial post about my one word, CLICK HERE to see where my thinking was back in January.

THRIVE Victories 

  • In January I started reading The Innovator's Mindset by George Couros and had a question about defining innovation. So I stepped out of my comfort zone, kinda, and tweeted out a question using #innovatorsmindset. And to my surprise and huge delight, Mr. Couros tweeted back! I was so excited I couldn't stand it! 
  • February was a big month for our district as a Tech Badge initiative initiated. Teachers submit artifacts of how they are using various tech tools to enhance their instruction and they earn a badge. Putting together the website, reviewing the artifacts and delivering the badges is my responsibility. It's so awesome to be able to interact with teachers in this way. You can read more about our program by CLICKING HERE

THRIVE Challenges

  • I've been battling some stinkin' thinkin' this quarter. Nothing too tragic, scary or dark, just thoughts that are the antithesis of Thriving. Thoughts that hold me back rather than push me forward. I'm a worrier. And if there isn't anything to worry about, I tend to make junk up in my mind to worry about, "what if" kind of thoughts. It's not a thriving way to live and so I've had to be very intentional about the things that I am thinking about. I wonder how many people are like me? I tend to not broadcast this character trait of mine, well, until now, because it's so ridiculous. But it's real and something I deal with. I'm thankful that the people who are the most important to me are kind and patient and most importantly, help me snap out of a mental funk.
  • I still need to finish reading Innovator's Mindset. Sigh.

Looking to THRIVE in the next quarter

Yesterday, my pastor was speaking about JOY. And one of the words that he used to define JOY was THRIVE! Part of his sermon discussed how to keep joy in your life (and therefore, THRIVE): serve others. Get the focus off of yourself and start paying attention to others; be intentional about being a blessing to those around you, both people you know and people you may not know at all. I wouldn't necessarily identify myself as a selfish person, but let's face it, there is certainly room to improve. And the whole idea of being a blessing to others, really aligns with my idea of THRIVING. So hopefully, the next time I reflect on my one word, I'll have something positive to share.

Until next time...
Offering my BEST to you!
Are you doing #oneword2016? How's it going for you? What victories and challenges have you faced in the first three months?

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